$46k a year walking dogs part time? “Yes!” says author of Super Moms, Inc.

Super Moms inc.
January 09, 2013 Entertainment News

(PRLEAP.COM) Sparks, Nevada January 9, 2013 – Carolyn Woods of Numbers, Inc., a successful entrepreneur, author and businesswoman, has today announced the debut of a new book designed to help moms build a successful, profitable business in their own homes. Super Moms, Inc. is dedicated to all the super moms out there who have the drive and desire to build their own business, but are not quite sure where to go with it.

Super Moms, Inc. covers different aspects of choosing and starting up a business, and gives details on lots of businesses compatible with being responsible for children part or full time – including personal services like dog walking or personal chef services, business services such as graphic design or consulting, writing and publishing your own book, selling products online, and even online teaching!

Now back to the economics of dog walking… here’s how the $46k is calculated according to Woods:

“I’ve been told by a professional dog walker that those who consider themselves professionals limit their walks to 6 dogs at a time. In my local area dog walks are $10 per day per dog; this will obviously vary so you’ll need to check out your area. It’s likely more in urban spots; it was $10 a walk in San Francisco 15 years ago when I lived there.

If we assume the dogs you walk are fairly close to each other geographically and that you will keep them all out for 30 minutes, you can walk 6 dogs per hour (this allows for 15 minutes on each end to pick up and then drop off the pets). At $10 each this is $60 per hour.

If you work partial days while your children are at school or otherwise occupied, you can potentially earn $180 per day in 3 hours, which is $900 a week or $46,800 per year. You can even increase your earnings with add-on services like pet sitting when your dog owners are out of town!”

To find out more about Carolyn Woods or Carolyn’s new book, Super Moms, Inc., visit http://www.Carolyn-Woods.com or http://www.amazon.com/dp/1480244643

About Numbers, Inc.: Carolyn Woods is the President of Numbers, Inc. as well as a successful author and financial coach. Carolyn has more than two decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes in all industries, including entrepreneur moms hoping to start a successful home-based business doing something they love.
Carolyn Woods

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