I have a dream of traveling the world, making new friends, and being able to speak to them in their native language… But learning a second language can be tough!  I suspect you don’t have the option of moving to another country or taking a full time immersion course… so here are some pointers to get you started: Step 1: Define Why The first thing you need to do is to identify why you want to learn to speak the language.  This will identify the types of vocabulary you most need, and will also help you get motivated to do what it takes to learn.Read More →

Would you like your family to speak French, but don’t speak it yourself? Here’s an excerpt from “Lightning-fast French for Kids and Families” that will have you all speaking French as you get dressed! Preparation: Get out a selection of clothing. Alternatively – you can start with a basket of clothes you need to sort out and get two things done at once!   The Conversation: You will hold up two different items of clothing, and ask questions. Here are several different questions to get you started: Lequel aimes-tu le plus? (luh-kel em tew luh plews) – Which do you like better? Lequel est àRead More →

Here’s a Spanish crossword puzzle for you from “Lightning-fast Spanish Vocabulary Building Spanish Crossword Puzzles”. In this puzzle, you read the clue in English and fill in the corresponding Spanish word in the puzzle. A word list is also included.  If your vocabulary is broad to begin with, you can do the puzzle, and peek at the word list to fill in a few blanks.  If you are just starting I would suggest you use the word list to put together some flash cards (either using a flash card program on your computer or a set of index cards), and then use the puzzle toRead More →

Would you like your family to speak French, but don’t speak it yourself?  Here’s an excerpt from “Lightning-fast French for Kids and Families” that will have you all speaking French tonight at dinner! Preparation:  Select and prepare a dinner with several choices in it.  The vocabulary list in this role play is designed around steak, chicken, potatoes and vegetables.  You may also need to look up a few ingredients, if you have different options than we use.  Write down any items you offer that we don’t include, and then go to Translate.Google.com, type in the word, and have it give you the French equivalent.  MakeRead More →

Games are a fun way to reinforce a new language in a way that is fun to  practice, and where the words are used in context so they stick. Here are 2  games you can use to teach Spanish at home: Twister This activity uses a “Twister” game board to teach some Spanish. To prepare,  set out your board, or make your own playing area by placing colored pieces of  paper on the ground. The instructions in Spanish are, “Pon tu [insert body part – hand foot or head] [insert left or right if  needed] en el color [insert color].” Examples: Pon tu mano derechaRead More →

Spanish learning games can be a great way to improve your Spanish skills and have fun at the same time! Here are instructions and translations for a Spanish immersion treasure hunt you can do at home. It will improve Spanish vocabulary and reading comprehension while you search for the prize. Step 1: Get several pieces of paper or index cards, and write down clues that lead to a specific place.  For example, the first clue might direct your searchers to look in the refrigerator. Once they open the refrigerator door, they will find a clue that sends them to the sofa. Step 2: Place yourRead More →