I’ve been working with my younger son on sandpaper letters and letter sounds, and realized since he’s already tracing the letters it would be ideal to then have some writing practice.  I’ve seen a sand tray next to the letters to practice in, but this was problematic at my house, always seemed to be used for other purposes! I went hunting on Amazon, and found these books for practice.  They are dry erase and the alphabet book has both upper and lower case.  Each page includes a diagram showing proper stroke order and then has plenty of practice room, and they erase easily with babyRead More →

Here are more great ways to teach your child to read!  Be sure to read through the “Sandpaper Letters” post first, as it includes some basic concepts you’ll need to know. Reading Along This is something to occasionally do as you go along… get out an early reader book, and point to each word as you pronounce it, and let the child say it with / after you.  This teaches them about left-to-right reading, starting at the top and moving down, and the concept that each grouping of letter is a word. “Pretend” Reading Kids will often memorize a favorite book, and will “read” itRead More →

When my oldest started at a Montessori school for Kindergarten, I noticed all the kids who had attended preschool there were already reading.  My children since have gone there for preschool as well, and are able to read beginner books at age 4, and advance pretty rapidly after that with some practice. My youngest son is eager to read on his own (he just turned 4), and asked me to buy him some sandpaper letters so he can practice on school breaks as well.  So, I thought I’d share with you how to use them, in case you have some eager pre-readers at home asRead More →