Instant Immersion At Home: Learn Spanish With A Treasure Hunt!

Spanish learning games can be a great way to improve your Spanish skills and have fun at the same time!

Here are instructions and translations for a Spanish immersion treasure hunt you can do at home. It will improve Spanish vocabulary and reading comprehension while you search for the prize.

Step 1: Get several pieces of paper or index cards, and write down clues that lead to a specific place.  For example, the first clue might direct your searchers to look in the refrigerator. Once they open the refrigerator door, they will find a clue that sends them to the sofa.

Step 2: Place your clues. To do this, take your clue cards and walk the route: set down clue 1, then walk to the location it directs you to and place clue 2, and on to the end of your hunt.

Step 3: Select a prize for the end of the hunt. It does not have to be anything fancy. You might want to have some stickers or an activity waiting, or have the hunt end at your car and take everyone to the park.

Step 4: Hand your students the first clue, and see how they do! If your students do not read yet – walk with them and read each clue for them as they find it.

Step 5: Enjoy the laughter as your team finds the prize!

Here are some clues you can use with translations:

Look under __’s bed: Mirar bajo la cama de __

Look under __’s pillow: Mirar debajo de la almohada de __

Look inside the refrigerator: Mirar dentro de la nevera

Look where we keep the milk: Mira donde guardamos la leche

Look in the bathroom: Mira en el baño

Look in the bathtub: Mira en la bañera

Look under the bathroom rug: Mirar debajo de la alfombra baño

Look under the sofa: Mirar debajo del sofá

Look next to the red chair: Mira al lado de la silla roja

Look at the kitchen table: Mirar la mesa de la cocina

Look in your top dresser drawer: Mirar su cajón de la cómoda arriba

Look inside __’s closet: Mirar dentro de armario de __

Look under the kitchen sink: Mirar debajo del fregadero de la cocina

Look under the bathroom sink: Mirar debajo del lavabo del baño

Look on __’s desk: Mirar en el escritorio de __

Look above the fireplace: Mira por encima de la chimenea

Look inside the dishwasher: Mirar dentro del lavavajillas

Look near the front door: Mira cerca de la puerta

Look near the garage door: Mira cerca de la puerta del garaje

Look in the laundry room: Mirar en la lavandería

Look near the car: Mira cerca del coche

Look at the top of the stairs: Mirar en la parte superior de las escaleras

Look at the bottom of the stairs: Mirar en la parte inferior de las escaleras

Look in the hall closet: Mira en el armario del pasillo

Look on top of the refrigerator: Mirar en la parte superior de la nevera

Look near your shoes: Mira cerca de sus zapatos

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