Learn to write – manuscript and cursive!

I’ve been working with my younger son on sandpaper letters and letter sounds, and realized since he’s already tracing the letters it would be ideal to then have some writing practice.  I’ve seen a sand tray next to the letters to practice in, but this was problematic at my house, always seemed to be used for other purposes!

I went hunting on Amazon, and found these books for practice.  They are dry erase and the alphabet book has both upper and lower case.  Each page includes a diagram showing proper stroke order and then has plenty of practice room, and they erase easily with baby wipes – a staple at my house.  Perfect! I also ordered the number book, since we will be working on those next 🙂

When I was in the process of ordering my older son came up and asked what I was doing.  Once I explained he asked if they had a cursive version as well!  I found this dry erase guide to cursive – thin pages, so intended for older kids.  It’s here and also has diagrams showing stroke order, examples to trace, practice words so you link letters together, and lots of practice room.  My son has been happily writing for the last half hour!

And don’t forget the markers!  The board books come with them, but based on the reviews they will not last long, and the cursive book did not include any.  This set has a more fine point – like a traditional marker – and the colors and really bright, perfect for kids!  They claim to be “low odor” and I’m not noticing any stinky smell at all.

These are definitely recommended, and I suspect we’ll purchase more practice books of this type!

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