Lightning-fast French excerpt: Getting Dressed

Would you like your family to speak French, but don’t speak it yourself? Here’s an excerpt from “Lightning-fast French for Kids and Families” that will have you all speaking French as you get dressed!


Get out a selection of clothing. Alternatively – you can start with a basket of clothes you need to sort out and get two things done at once!


The Conversation:

You will hold up two different items of clothing, and ask questions. Here are several different questions to get you started:

Lequel aimes-tu le plus? (luh-kel em tew luh plews) – Which do you like better?

Lequel est à toi? (luh-kel et-ta twa) – Which one is yours?

Préfères-tu XXX ou XXX? (Pray-fair tew XXX oo XXX) – Do you prefer XXX or XXX?

Préférerais-tu mettre XXX ou XXX? (Pray-fair-uh-ray tew met-ruh XXX oo XXX) – Would you rather wear the XXX or XXX?

Est-ce que c’est rouge ou bleu? (Ess-kuh say rou-jhuh oo bloo) – Is this red or blue?

You will want to describe the objects you are holding up as part of the question. For example, I might hold up a red skirt and some black pants. I could ask my daughter, “Lequel est à toi : la jupe rouge ou le pantalon noir?” (luh-kel et-ta twa : la jhew-puh rou-jhuh oo luh pahn-ta-lohn nwar?) – “Which is yours – the red skirt or the black pants?”

When your students have memorized some of the words, you can move on to holding up a single item and ask, “Qu’est-ce que c’est? ” (Kes-kuh say) – “What is this?” They should then answer with, “C’est XXX” (say XXX) where they include some specifics about the item, for example “C’est une jupe rouge” (Set-tewn jhew-puh roo-jhuh)– “It’s a red skirt”.



la blouse (la bloo-zuh) – blouse

le manteau (luh mahn-toe) – coat

la robe (la rob-buh) – dress

le chapeau (luh sha-po) – hat

le veston (luh ves-tohn) – jeacket

le jean (luh djeen) – jeans

le pyjama (luh pijh-am-ah) – pajamas

le pantalon (luh pahn-ta-lohn) – pants, trousers

le sac à main (luh sak a mayhn) – purse

la chemise (la shuh-mee-zuh) – shirt

le soulier (luh soo-lee-ay) – shoe

le short (luh short) – shorts

la jupe ( la jhew-puh) – skirt

la chaussette (la sho-set-tuh) – sock

le chandail (luh shahn-dye) – sweater

le chandail en coton molletonné (luh shahn-dye ahn kot-tohn mol-ton-nay) – sweatshirt

le costume de bain (luh kos-tewm duh bayhn) – swimsuit

les sous-vêtements ( leh soo-vayt-mahn) – underwear


jaune (jho-nuh) – yellow

bleu (bluh) – blue

beige (bay-jhuh) – beige

blanc (blahn) – white (masculine noun)

blanche (blahn-shuh) – white (feminine noun)

bourgogne (boor-goyng-yuh) – burgundy

gris (gree) – gray (masculine noun)

grise (gree-zuh) – gray (feminine noun)

brun (bruhn) – brown (masculine noun)

brune (brew-nuh) – brown (feminine noun)

pourpre (poor-pruh) – purple

orange (oh-rahn-jhuh) – orange

noir (nwar) – black

rouge (roo-jhuh) – red

rose (ro-zuh) – pink

vert (vair) – green (masculine noun)

verte (vair-tuh) – green (feminine noun)

turquoise (tur-kwah-zuh) – aqua


long (lohn) – long (masculine noun)

longue (lohn-guh) – long (feminine noun)

court (koor) – short (masculine noun)

courte (koor-tuh) – short (feminine noun)

rayé (ray-ay) – striped

écossais (ay-koss-ay) – plaid (masculine noun)

ecossaise (ay-koss-ay-zuh) – plaid (feminine noun)

imprimé (ahm-pree-may) – patterned

Ta da! You are all speaking French!

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