Homeschooling for the Smart, Energetic, and Easily Bored: Hands-on Learning Methods for Your Gifted, ADHD, or Just Plain Wiggly Child

I started homeschooling because my kids were smart, wiggly, and just plain not very compatible with a traditional classroom. However I still envisioned that they’d be able to do “traditional” schoolwork at home – using text books, work books, and similar methods that I’d used in my own schooling.

What I found was, those methods just don’t work for us! Smart and energetic kids have limited tolerance for repeating of information they already know, and catch on very quickly to new skills, making extensive practice unnecessary most of the time. In addition they were easily bored and frustrated, and basically didn’t learn much when I asked them to sit, read, and write answers on paper.

So, through necessity, I looked for new ways of giving them new skills and knowledge. In this guide you’ll read about what I’ve learned that worked, both in terms of methods and specific resources and curriculum. What you won’t see are the hundreds of dollars of curriculum products we purchased and then couldn’t use, because they just weren’t compatible with my kids learning styles. I hope that by sharing this, you’ll be able to avoid spending time and money on things that won’t work for your kids either!

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