Homeschool Enrichment: Bring Back The Fun!

Do you ever suspect there might be more to homeschooling than what you have now? Somehow you expected it to be more successful, more rewarding… more fun! Instead, you are feeling frustrated – drill sergeant, anyone? Your kids are going through the motions with slumped shoulders and grumpy attitudes. And you are – dare I say it? – just plain burned out!

It doesn’t have to be that way! Kids are born with a love of learning, and if you can re-activate it things will be more fun for everyone – both the kids and you, the tired teacher.

In the first part of this book we’ll take a look at what you are doing now, so you can determine which parts of it serve you, and which might be better changed. We’ll assess your long range goals for homeschooling, and make sure your daily actions are supporting those goals. Finally, we’ll consider ways to modify your day to day activities so that your journey is inspiring as well as educational.

The second part of the book is full of ideas to help you achieve your goals in a more dynamic way. You’ll evaluate your current learning activities, and then modify them to be more active and interactive. We’ll discuss many ways kids learn that don’t involve just reading a book and responding by writing a paper or completing a worksheet – ways that they will learn a lot more from, and that will be a lot more inspiring for you, the teacher, as well.

So grab some paper – and join me on a journey to Bring Back The Fun!

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