I have a dream of traveling the world, making new friends, and being able to speak to them in their native language… But learning a second language can be tough!  I suspect you don’t have the option of moving to another country or taking a full time immersion course… so here are some pointers to get you started: Step 1: Define Why The first thing you need to do is to identify why you want to learn to speak the language.  This will identify the types of vocabulary you most need, and will also help you get motivated to do what it takes to learn.Read More →

January 09, 2013 Entertainment News (PRLEAP.COM) Sparks, Nevada January 9, 2013 – Carolyn Woods of Numbers, Inc., a successful entrepreneur, author and businesswoman, has today announced the debut of a new book designed to help moms build a successful, profitable business in their own homes. Super Moms, Inc. is dedicated to all the super moms out there who have the drive and desire to build their own business, but are not quite sure where to go with it. Super Moms, Inc. covers different aspects of choosing and starting up a business, and gives details on lots of businesses compatible with being responsible for children partRead More →

Would you like your family to speak French, but don’t speak it yourself? Here’s an excerpt from “Lightning-fast French for Kids and Families” that will have you all speaking French as you get dressed! Preparation: Get out a selection of clothing. Alternatively – you can start with a basket of clothes you need to sort out and get two things done at once!   The Conversation: You will hold up two different items of clothing, and ask questions. Here are several different questions to get you started: Lequel aimes-tu le plus? (luh-kel em tew luh plews) – Which do you like better? Lequel est àRead More →

I’ve been working with my younger son on sandpaper letters and letter sounds, and realized since he’s already tracing the letters it would be ideal to then have some writing practice.  I’ve seen a sand tray next to the letters to practice in, but this was problematic at my house, always seemed to be used for other purposes! I went hunting on Amazon, and found these books for practice.  They are dry erase and the alphabet book has both upper and lower case.  Each page includes a diagram showing proper stroke order and then has plenty of practice room, and they erase easily with babyRead More →

Here’s a Spanish crossword puzzle for you from “Lightning-fast Spanish Vocabulary Building Spanish Crossword Puzzles”. In this puzzle, you read the clue in English and fill in the corresponding Spanish word in the puzzle. A word list is also included.  If your vocabulary is broad to begin with, you can do the puzzle, and peek at the word list to fill in a few blanks.  If you are just starting I would suggest you use the word list to put together some flash cards (either using a flash card program on your computer or a set of index cards), and then use the puzzle toRead More →

Would you like your family to speak French, but don’t speak it yourself?  Here’s an excerpt from “Lightning-fast French for Kids and Families” that will have you all speaking French tonight at dinner! Preparation:  Select and prepare a dinner with several choices in it.  The vocabulary list in this role play is designed around steak, chicken, potatoes and vegetables.  You may also need to look up a few ingredients, if you have different options than we use.  Write down any items you offer that we don’t include, and then go to Translate.Google.com, type in the word, and have it give you the French equivalent.  MakeRead More →

So far we’ve talked about using pizza fractions to create an equivalent fractions table, and to learn to add and subtract fractions.  Today we will move on to multiplying and dividing fractions!  Here is the set we purchased and that you’ll see in the pictures below: There is no reason you can’t just make your own pizza fractions either – just color some circles and cut them in the right number of pieces!  It is important that you are accurate in creating equal size pieces for the fractions, so they can be exchanged for other equivalent fractions through size comparisons alone. Pizza fractions are a greatRead More →

We did a fun experiment today using Bromothymol Blue (BTB), which is a chemical that changes color when exposed to acids or bases.  I purchased it on Amazon.com from a chemical supplier pretty inexpensively, and you only need to use a little – just put a small amount in a cup and add water. To set up the experiment, I set out several clear plastic cups and got out our various supplies.  I filled the cups half full with the BTB / water mixture and then let the kids take turns adding things to see what would happen.  The older kids created a table toRead More →

My kids are very interested in chemistry, so I thought I’d teach them how to balance chemical equations. First, we discussed how substances sometimes change when they are heated or combined, but the basic elements that make them up remain the same (conservation of mass). I gave them an example equation of 2 H2O = O2 + 2 H2. I created 2 H2O molecules using colored marshmallows, and then explained that if the water molecules were broken apart they would recombine and instead of water could become O2  and H2. I took the first 2 “molecules” apart and demonstrated how they could recombine, and allRead More →

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