Practice Spanish with a Crossword Puzzle!

Here’s a Spanish crossword puzzle for you from “Lightning-fast Spanish Vocabulary Building Spanish Crossword Puzzles”.

In this puzzle, you read the clue in English and fill in the corresponding Spanish word in the puzzle.

A word list is also included.  If your vocabulary is broad to begin with, you can do the puzzle, and peek at the word list to fill in a few blanks.  If you are just starting I would suggest you use the word list to put together some flash cards (either using a flash card program on your computer or a set of index cards), and then use the puzzle to test your knowledge.

Here is the puzzle:

Next is the word list – no peeking if you don’t need it!

el abrigo – coat

el bañador – swimsuit

el bolso – purse

el calcetín – sock

el cinturón – belt

el gorro – cap

el impermeable – raincoat

el pulóver – sweatshirt

el sombrero – hat

el suéter – sweater

el traje – suit

el vestido – dress

el zapato – shoe

la blusa – blouse

la camisa – shirt

la chaqueta – jacket

la corbata – tie

la falda – skirt

la media – stocking

la minifalda – miniskirt

la pijama – pajamas

la ropa interior – underwear

la sandalia – sandal

la zapatilla – slipper

las botas – boots

los culotes – shorts

los guantes – gloves

los jeans – jeans

los pantalones – pants

los shorts – shorts

los tejanos – jeans

And finally, the solution:

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