Speak French at Dinner Tonight!

Would you like your family to speak French, but don’t speak it yourself?  Here’s an excerpt from “Lightning-fast French for Kids and Families” that will have you all speaking French tonight at dinner!
Lightning-fast French


Select and prepare a dinner with several choices in it.  The vocabulary list in this role play is designed around steak, chicken, potatoes and vegetables.  You may also need to look up a few ingredients, if you have different options than we use.  Write down any items you offer that we don’t include, and then go to Translate.Google.com, type in the word, and have it give you the French equivalent.  Make a small cheat sheet for yourself if you need it.

To start, arrange your items on the counter ready to serve.  Each person will need to select what they want and answer questions about each of the possible choices.


The Conversation:

First, when the family comes to dinner, say “Bienvenu au resto français!“ (byehn-vuh-new o res-toe frahn-say) – “Welcome to the French restaurant!”

Let them know that:

  • J’aimerais (jhem-uh-ray) = I would like, a polite way of asking for something
  • Aimerais-tu (em-uh-ray tew) = Would you like?
  • Oui (wee) = Yes
  • Non merci (no mair-see) = No thank you
  • Encore (ahn-kor) = More

Then for each person, stand by the ingredients holding their plate.

First, show the steak and chicken.  Ask them, “Veux-tu du steak ou du poulet? “ (Voo-tew dew stake oo dew poo-lay)  while you hold up first the steak, then the chicken.

Once they have selected, put it on the plate.

Then go through the choices, and they answer yes or no to each.

For example, if you have green beans, ask “Veux-tu des haricots verts?”  (Voo-tew day a-ree-ko vair ?)

They answer either “Oui, je veux des haricots verts. ” (Wee, jhuh voo day a-ree-ko vair?), or “Non, merci, pas de haricots verts”. (No, mair-see, pah duh ar-ee-ko vair)

Once you put a spoonful on their plate, ask if they would like more: ”Veux-tu encore des haricots verts?” (Voo-tu ahn-kor day a-ree-ko vair ?)  And they can again answer, “Oui, j’aimerais encore des haricots verts. ” (Wee, jhem-uh-ray ahn-kor day a-ree-ko vair ), or “Non, merci. ” (No, mair-see).

You may also ask if they would like a drink, “Veux-tu un XXX?”  (Voo-tew uhn XXX)

They answer either “Oui, j’aimerais XXX. “ (Wee, jhem-uh ray XXX), or “Non, merci, pas de XXX. “ (No, mair-see, pah duh XXX).



Steak (stake) – steak

Poulet (poo-lay) – chicken

Pommes de terre rôties (pom duh tair ro-tee) – roasted potatoes

Pommes de terre pilées (pom duh tair pee-lay) – mashed potatoes

Haricots verts (a-ree-ko vair) – green beans

Carottes (ca-rot) – carrots

Sauce (so-suh) – gravy

Fromage (fro-majh-uh) – cheese

Fruit (frwee) – fruit

Lait (lay) – milk

Eau (oh) – water

Jus de pommes (jhew duh pom) – apple juice


Ta da!  You are all speaking French!

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